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Welcome to the MnPALS Wiki, a place for the MnPALS consortium to collaborate, discuss ideas, and store information. To access the MnPALS Wiki you must register for an account on the MnPALS Forum. The username and password that you create on the forum will then also work on the Wiki. The PALS office has put together a short guidelines document to try to help explain the expected uses of our Mailing Lists, our Forum, and our Wiki. Please post any comments you might have to this Forum topic.


The Consortium of MnPALS Libraries is composed of all of the libraries of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, as well as private college and university libraries, state government libraries, public libraries, school libraries and special libraries. Geographically, the consortium is represented in all areas of the state from Marshall to International Falls and from Winona to Moorhead. Consortium membership provides a forum for discussion of library issues and a central site to coordinate collaborative efforts. Libraries have found that many things become possible as a member of the consortium that wouldn’t be otherwise. The Consortium of MnPALS Libraries is a prime example of libraries cooperating and collaborating to best meet the needs of their patrons.

User Groups

The User Groups assess, enhance, and advance the software and services shared by the Consortium.

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Task Forces

Task Forces are a means for the Consortium of MnPALS Libraries User Council, User Groups, Executive Committee, Deans/Directors/Coordinators, and the PALS office (henceforth “Group(s)”) to deal with studying and making recommendations for resolving problems or other situations relating to the ILS system in the area of the Group’s concerns.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves as an advisory group to the Executive Director of PALS, the Deans/Directors/Coordinators group, and MnSCU regarding the overall direction of the Consortium and the shared ILS. The Committee is committed to understanding the perspectives and needs of all consortium members. It encourages involvement in setting priorities and plans for consortium activities, facilitates collaborative projects and resource sharing, and enhances communication among members.

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